The German digital advertising industry is a fragmented market consisting of different technologies, advertising methods, platforms, media, devices and consumer groups. And this is only increasing. BUSINESSKRAFT provides an overview, has the right contacts and shows how to modularly, accurately and effectively achieve corporate and communication goals.
Furthermore, BUSINESSKRAFT focuses on simplifying the move to and market entry into Germany (e.g. country management, product launches and establishment of initial infrastructure) for international clients and start ups through a comprehensive contact network and for sales and consultation teams as well as on accelerating that business. “As the names suggests…”


BUSINESSKRAFT analyzes and understands
the specific needs of our customers.


BUSINESSKRAFT has the know-how,
the best network and the passion.


BUSINESSKRAFT is functional and seizes
the opportunities in order to move forward.


projects take off.

Jan Schlüter

November 2009 – Present
Managing Director of BUSINESSKRAFT GmbH & Co. KG

September 2011 – Present

Co-Founder & Shareholder of Mediakraft Networks GmbH

June 2010 – December 2014

Managing Director of Produktkraft Vermarktung GmbH

February 2007 – March 2009

Managing Director of TripleDoubleU GmbH